This Is The Remix EP

by Metal Ring And Butterfly




"When you take the context out of something, your mind tends to fill in the blanks" -Carl Welden

....and that it did.

That quote is the meaning behind this whole project.
I took the acapella files to all the songs I remixed, and then put my own instruments over the acapella files.

This is the 3rd EP in the trilogy I have released over the past 3 months. It may be the last thing I work on for a long time.

The project is inspired by the past few remixes I've done, as well as my work with bastard pop group You Bastards! This EP was recorded for 2 months, and is finally here for the people to check out and appreciate!

All the music is composed by myself, but the songs belong to their respective artists.

PARENTAL ADVISORY- The EP does contain profanity, and we might offend you with their words... But listening means you're not allowed to complain.

So come an enjoy the sounds!
Or not.
I'm a musician/remixer, not a cop.


released 14 February 2013

Metal Ring and Butterfly is...
Cameron Kirkpatrick- Synth programmer, guitar, bass, drums, acoustic guitars, flange guitars, and production.

Metal Ring and Butterfly would like to thank the following artists...
Notorious B.I.G.
Lil' Jon
Waka Flocka Flame

Listening committee-
Erick Anderson
Bulldog Deazel
Alex Harwell

Special thanks to Jon Mildner for his input into the EP

Produced by Cameron Kirkpatrick
artwork done by Something Wickid




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