Exit (single)

by Metal Ring And Butterfly

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The single version of "Exit" which will be on my upcoming LP, "Diary of A Teenage Pop Junkie."


released October 15, 2014

Cameron Kirkpatrick- Vocals, guitars, songwriter
Harvey Lovejoy- Producer, backup vocals



all rights reserved


Metal Ring And Butterfly Wallkill, New York


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Track Name: Exit
Hollering at this Irish girl, I said she taste like Lucky Charms
Of course someone just got offended, and so now she's doing harm
She knows I'm going crazy, nothing else I can say, see
Nothing else is going my way, life is such a travesty
and I guess I got nothing to hide or nothing left to say
But I've been living life by the rules like this everyday
Lately I've been feeling like I've gone and lost my fucking touch
'cuz everything I ever did for love would end up with not enough
Everybody's given me a reason not to fucking trust
I learned everything she did was just fucking a lie and such
Every little thing she did would make me wanna shoot myself
Because when she told the truth it felt like it was living hell
Watching all these movies and talking to all to my idols
has me going out and realizing I'll repeat the cycle
But when I called her out and she said that I wasn't wrong
Why the fuck were you doing this behind my back for so long?

All these fucking questions flying through my mind so late at night
All the nightmares I can deal with making me feel far behind
And I don't sleep or dream because sleep is the cousin of death
and maybe because of that I don't think that I will be next
Johnny's cracking corn fucking bitches on the barstool
and I am out on twitter acting like I'm such a damn fool
because it's still October and I just wish that she was coming back
But lately I've been fed up with her shit so I ain't wanting that
Everyone's going hype the music is so fucking mellow
and everybody will know I'm a hater, not a lovely fellow
So when can I stop pretending that I am such a fucking fan
when all the music that I hear is shit that I can't fucking stand?
I wrote a lot of songs about you for the overkill
and then I followed it up with a thing so I could get my fill
and maybe when I drove to your house on that December night
I was hoping that you wouldn't leave because I fell in love alright?

I'm sorry I got mad for hanging with your friends
but honestly they make me feel so angry that I'd rather end
up in a cell because I'm not feeling well
and if I went out on a rampage then how'd you fucking tell?
She don't understand how I can live my life like this
Because she left and I found out my dream girl really don't exist
I'm sorry if you think I keep recycling these lyrics
But I guess you're fucking stupid if you can't just fucking hear it

So long
Thanks for enjoying the show

Johnny cracked corn fucking bitches on the barstool
and everybody's going out acting like they're damn cool
And I'm still all alone writing in my own room
Thinking of the lines that I'mma put up on my damn tomb
Everybody's asking what the fucking it is I'm trying to hide
please don't assume a thing actually I'm doing fine
It's gonna be a while before I visit people in the sky
Even though I miss them, I'm not gonna sit and lie

Bitches got hyped when my shit got so mellow
and if you think this line is about you, oh hell no
It's just a bunch of lines to make me feel homely
and the only that I can feel at home is through this exit only
Exiting the stage, and I'm still feeling the rage
but shoutout to my family, they only want the best for me
and shoutout to the fam who kept me in my sanity
But I gotta fucking go now, I guess it's just what's best for me