Recovery (single)

by Metal Ring And Butterfly

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Hollywood Crush Records 004

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released July 9, 2014

Cameron Kirkpatrick- Vocals
Negrostotle- Guest Vocals

Song samples "Winds Of Change" by Fitz and The Tantrums

Produced by Harvey Lovejoy



all rights reserved


Metal Ring And Butterfly Wallkill, New York


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Track Name: Recovery [Feat. Negrostotle]
[Verse 1]
Somebody asked me what I learned since leaving high school
I told 'em not to give a fuck because nothing is all cool
And then I ruined some dreams and then I ruined other lives
When I told these people nothing's greener on the other side
I held my tongue as my girl said she was with someone else
And then I held my fist back before I could cause some living hell
So now I wake up every night with nightmares in my head
And all the ghosts the invade me make me wish that I was dead
Hello there darkness, as the song keeps playing to the end
I guess that really the darkness was still truly my only friend
I told a girl that the reason I still stay up at night
Is because I question everything and if I did it right
So when the person asked me what I learned since leaving high school
I told 'em that I did my best to try to go and stay cool
I feel sorry for everybody who has to handle me
Because I know that no one could ever bring me my sanity

[Verse 2]
I guess I'm just mad because I never got a fucking call
Even though I texted, and messaged, and posted on her own wall
I gave her chocolates but she's prolly with some other guy
Well does it really surprise me? no? well I don't wonder why
I got a chick with a face who looks like Sasha Grey
I wanna choke her and fuck her 'till she's 50 shades of grey
So let me cast the first stone because I know I never sin
Feeling like a DJ all I ever do is go and win
Maybe someday I'll write a verse that you'll be proud of
And maybe even then I can move on and not need your love
So here I am again watching Ellie who's my biggest idol
And if this keeps up again then I'll repeat the cycle
Tell your mamma I'm sorry I made her daughter cry
But I did everything that I can, she didn't even try
My life is just a battle, and I'm just afraid to lose
Well I am just a human, I just do what I wanna do

[Verse 3: Negrostotle]
Watch out, the Stotle's in here
Came a long way, and I got a way to move, groove
Sit back, wit the sun high
Running man stance, hit the pool that needs to be pured
Uttering stresses you mutter, voice of the vagabonds, no route to turn
Got burned many times now, turnt down the flame
I'm hopping the scorcher, life is a bitch; I want to divorce her
But maybe I see her in negative light, she is a diva, a princess in fact
I live with the light and I'll keep it like that
Demons, the warlords, been wanted to see me slip, they been kicking the rocks
I'm rocking my socks, watching Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
Level my head with absurdity, peripheral sight, just the grass and the moon
Amazing how far one man can go, palms wit' epistles, alluding to good times
Smile, just chill, listen to good rhymes
Green tea, please, I need to calm down
Gradual healing, this what it's about
Waving deuce, live long and prosper
Stand firm, no fear from your posture
And don't forget...
Keep on owning those monsters, winning rewards like an oscar!